9 basic SEO services from Oslo SEO:

  1. SEO analysis of the website, analysis of the niche, and competitors
  2. Collecting of the semantic core of keywords
  3. Developing of the structure of the website
  4. Creating a list of the tasks for SEO optimization
  5. Internal links
  6. Content SEO optimization
  7. Improving website usability
  8. Link building
  9. Step-by-step optimization of the pages

How to understand what is necessary, and what exactly does Oslo SEO do to optimize your website?

Regardless of whether you are doing SEO optimization targeting Norway, Japan or the USA, and focusing on Google or Bing, the promotion process as a whole does not change. There are about nine mandatory stages of work.

1. SEO analysis of the website, analysis of the niche, and competitors

When Oslo SEO expert receives all access to project analytics and webmasters' dashboards, SEO-expert begins to analyze the products and services of your project, and also gives an overall assessment of the website in order to understand what works need to be done first.

At this stage our team develops the strategy for project promotion and the detailed plan of changes that must be done.

What exactly does a SEO specialist do?

  • Analyzes the overall visibility of the website in the search engines not only for high-frequency keywords but also for medium- and low-frequency ones
  • Analyzes competitors and market leaders to understand what to focus on in this market, what do competitors do better about the websites
  • Analyzes the structure of the leader websites in the niche, their backlinks profile
  • Creates a list of keywords with the highest visibility for your website
  • Conducts both conventional analytics on the basis of search engine results, and other professional SEO software

Is it all so necessary? The SEO expert decides whether you need to start global changes on the website immediately. For example, change the CMS (content management system), adapt the site for mobile devices, change the protocol from http to https etc.

About the global changes. Our specialist notifies your team in advance to clarify whether it's possible to implement some specific changes about the current version of the CMS, for example, tags feature.

It is better to carry out global changes in advance, otherwise, after 1-2 weeks of work on the implementation of SEO analysis (SEO audit), you can find yourself in a dead end - you find out that it is technically impossible to optimize filters, add new tags or categories.

2. Collecting of the semantic core of keywords

Now you have a promotion strategy, a work plan, a preliminary analysis of the website and the websites of the market leaders. At the new stage, Oslo SEO collects by the various tools search queries (keywords), clusters by groups, evaluates the semantic core for frequency.

It is necessary for:

  • Developing of the website structure
  • Generating meta tags templates and writing meta tags manually (Title, Description, Keywords), headers H1, H2
  • Writing texts on landing pages
  • Creating a good re-linking
  • External optimization of the website
  • Visibility analysis of the site

The semantic core can consist of several hundred keywords (for small corporate websites) and several hundred thousand (for online stores).

The process of compiling the core takes approximately 7 days and, depending on the size of the website, can take up to month. That is why it is divided into sections and categories, so it does not impede the progress collecting and clustering semantic core with other tasks at the same time.

3. Developing of the structure of the website

Search engines continuously improve their algorithms and show the most relevant pages for users' requests. For each group of keywords, you need to create and optimize your landing page.

For large stores with distribution centers in different cities, as well as bulletin boards, marketplaces, companies with branches, the number of landing pages in the structure is multiplied by the number of cities. It is crucial that the content of such pages is unique.

Developing the website's structure is a non-stop process, and in large projects, new filter pages for specific categories will be created even one year after the introduction of the SEO audit (SEO analysis). However, the bulk of the work on expanding the structure of landing pages should be done much earlier - to get the desired SEO effect faster.

4. Creating a list of the tasks for SEO optimization

Oslo SEO's expert corrects mistakes in the internal optimization of the website, works on landing pages for keywords groups, removes duplicate pages. To create this list, the website goes through the technical SEO audit, on its basis our team creates tasks for internal search engine optimization. The following items are mandatory (in order of importance):

  • Setting up the meta tags Title, Description and H1 headers
  • Setting up url-addresses of pages on the site
  • Optimizing filters
  • Increasing the speed of the server's response, loading speed of all website pages
  • Removing duplicate pages
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Multilanguage settings (in case of multiple language versions)
  • Optimization of pagination pages
  • Optimization of the server response code and page headers
  • Rich snippets settings

Often the cause of the poor ranking of the website is the problem with filling the promoted pages with static weight. What are we talking about?

It is essential not just to create landing pages, but also to organize internal links so that users and the search robots can easily access other pages. Otherwise, they may not appear in the search engine index.

Typically, this problem occurs with pages of optimized filters - the user can get to such pages by selecting a filter, and the search robot does not see it.

Also at this stage the SEO specialist implements the links of menu categories by leading static weight from pages with low competition (for example, from product cards, filters) to pages of higher nesting level.

Often website owners after reading 1-2 articles on the optimization of filters and tags, create hundreds of pages of useless filters, while there are no keywords requests for them or very few. Do not hide the pages of different sorts: by price, rating, quantity of products on the page. These are all huge mistakes.

As a result, the search robot can index only a part of the website and leaves it. Even if you efficiently do the rest, that issues will cause the pages to fall out from the search index. Moreover, the static weight of the category pages will be reduced.

Oslo SEO's experts will hide the "garbage pages" from indexing, created only for the users' experience, leaving only the necessary filters, prohibit robots from crawling "garbage pages" and close the links to them.

6. Content SEO optimization

The SEO expert manually generates unique meta tags (Title, Description, Keywords) and H1 headers based on the "long tail" of search queries for those pages where it's necessary. Also for the promoted pages of the website our team writes unique texts based on including the previously collected keywords, naturally, taking into account the current requirements of search engines.

Texts affect both the ranking of pages by high-frequency keywords, and the ranking on keywords with a "long tail".

7. Improving website usability

Do search engine algorithms take into account behavioral factors - how does the user interact with the site? Yes, they do.

Oslo SEO experts work on:

  • Non-return of the user to the search results after visiting your website
  • Decreasing of the bounce rate
  • Increasing of time users spend on your website

Adaptation of the website for mobile devices will significantly increase its visibility in search engine results pages, and also will grow conversions from mobile devices. Simplifying navigation reduces the bounce rate. Optimization of "About Us" page will increase the confidence of visitors and search engines.

Yes, in a number of niches with very low competition, you can take the leading positions in Google without increasing the external backlinks profile, but basically external optimization is necessary. The more high-quality thematic websites refer to you, the more authoritative you become in the eyes of search engines.

Our SEO professionals can directly contact webmasters of websites that do not sell links on exchanges, get organic backlinks from forums, Q/A-services etc.

Besides, we always recommend owners to post high quality content so that users refer to it. These backlinks are the most useful.

9. Step-by-step optimization of the pages

Based on the ranking of the pages in search results and analyzing traffic by category, Oslo SEO experts continuously work with the structure of the website, expand it, make changes to the texts, meta tags, internal links and backlinks profile. This is a long-term process.

The continuous updating of search engine algorithms makes the process more complicated, which is why you often have to make changes in the website promotion strategy and continuously improve it for users and search engines.