Social Media Marketing: 4 Key Tips to Attracting Millennials

10th Feb 2020
Many millennials have integrated social media as a part of their daily lives. They are a tech-savvy generation that knows what they want. They are often seen socializing, commenting, or organizing events on social media.

"If a business is already leveraging social media to attract clients, it has an advantage over other companies that use traditional forms of marketing. The key is knowing what millennials are looking for and how to grab their attention" - says Mike Torpen, CMO at Kubas Labs.

Below are three key tips to attracting millennials on social media:

Allow Their Voice to Count

Millennials will only follow brands that align with their values and beliefs. This age group is often targeted with negative comments like being lazy, feeling entitled, or knowing everything. Although some of them are very smart, there is very little focus on the positive aspects. Millennials want to connect with businesses that recognize their free spirit and hard work.
Millennials often look up to brands that have a purpose. They like companies that give back and work to make a difference in people's lives. The giveback component, along with the social media presence is likely to attract many followers.

Transparency is Important

Believe it or not, millennials know a little about marketing. They don't like being manipulated or tricked into a relationship. Transparency is vital to establish and maintain a rapport. Companies that offer behind-the-scenes information and candid conversations are likely to attract millennials.

Millennials are also very curious. They like to know how things are made and how they work. They enjoy seeing the development of products and the ins and outs of building a brand. They feel more connected to a company once they know how the company operates.

Engagement is Necessary

Unfortunately, social media does not provide any passive benefits. A simple post or two is not sufficient. Instead, businesses that have implemented a solid marketing strategy and built long-term relationships with their followers are typically successful. Customer service is more digital than ever, and it shows on social media very well. Millenniums have no problem posting their likes and dislikes online, and the business that responds creates trusts and offers a relationship.

Leverage Social Media to Acquire a Fan Base

When all of this information is considered, there lies an opportunity to build a profitable fan base. Once Millennials have decided to follow a brand, they are now one of the brand's biggest advocates. They will share posts with friends, recommend and speak positively on behalf of that brand, ultimately building transparency and bringing more awareness. However, it's first established through value, transparency, and engaged focused interactions.

Transparency and engagement breathe life into social media marketing, and it offers a path to digital conversations. Creative interactions and intimate connections create life-long commitments to a brand. If you want to target millennials, consider the approaches mentioned in this article. It will take your social media marketing campaign to an unexpected level that is seen for years to come.